Ways to Sell Your Existing Home: Outdoor Tips

So you want to buy a new home…but like many of today’s buyers, you’re having trouble selling the one you own now. There are ways to speed up the process, by making your home more appealing to potential buyers. Consider these outdoor-focused tips for selling your home:

Landscape: Clean up the yard, yes; but don’t forget to plant some fresh seasonal foliage and evergreen trees or plants. Whether or not they know it, buyers want curb appeal. Backyard landscaping is more important than ever, too; if your home doesn’t have a swimming pool, it should have other attractive features that a new owner will enjoy.

Look up: The roof is perhaps one of the most underrated portions of the home…and yet, many savvy buyers will inspect its condition before making a decision. If your roofing has been neglected, it’s time to replace shingles, repair holes, and clean and brighten the entire surface.

Now, look down: How is your driveway? Cleaning up oil spills is only the first step to making this outside area shine; in addition, you may need to reseal the driveway so that it appears newer, upgraded, and more durable. Not sure if your driveway needs resealing? An expert can examine the area and offer you an opinion. If the home has a deck, resealing the deck may be a good idea too.

These are great ways to prepare your home for a faster, potentially more profitable sale. However, there are indoor tips for selling your home as well. Check back here next week to learn which indoor efforts may prove to be most effective.